Pressure's Off

by - 11:00 AM

We live in a world where performance and achievements are the basic foundation on how we are viewed and defined by others. Apart from that, the social media had became a means for us to creatively and carefully redefine and brand ourselves depending on how we wanted to be perceived by our family, friends and some online onlookers that we wanted to impress. However, despite the energy, time and effort we put into it, there's just this inner struggle of not being enough and not doing more. It is also like an unending cycle of trying to please people but never really being satisfied with their compliments or having that unquenchable thirst for their attention.
This is the reality of our nature - we can never be content until we realize that we are to live our lives in a position of gratitude and not of pressure. We can be thankful because we know and understand that there's someone to whom we owe our being and our identity. 

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