Books And Mountains

by - 10:59 AM

My younger years were primarily defined by my fascination with classical books. I used to visit a local bookstore that sells books telling fictional stories about the Kings and Queens of England to a narrative of the lives of murderers. My love for fictional romance and suspense evolved to sales and marketing to leadership books and the Bible. Later on in life I discovered another part of me who loves the outdoors by climbing mountains that were once beyond my capacity to reach. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, there were a few things that I have learned that would be quite handy as I continue to go through with my life.


Reading books opened my mind to imagine but the most beautiful thing about reading them is that I learn - whether it's grammatical in nature or just learning how to dream. It's the same with why we climb mountains - it starts with a dream to reach the peak no matter how difficult it sounds or seems.

I have become a person filled with so many dreams that were driven by ideals and values. I always look forward to fulfilling a greater purpose in life - something that's bigger than myself. It's like living the life and experiences of the heroine of a narrative or be that man who is eager to reach the peak of Everest.   


Whenever I read books, there's always that feeling of being a part of it - whether it's putting myself on a character's shoe or imagining myself doing what the author is writing about or what he left out. It sparks an urge to experience the reality of the words and the phrases that books tell or that adrenaline rush when we're all set to climb another mountain.

I don't just dream but I want my dreams to happen though I may not be able to experience all of it but at least majority of it. Life becomes more beautiful when every dream becomes a reality to experience.


No matter how beautiful a book or a natural scenery is, without joy and love, it becomes nothing. A book becomes more meaningful when it's read out of love and not out of obligation. A mountain climbing experience becomes an awesome adventure when it's out of joy and excitement because only then you'll feel like you're never being drag into something you do not want to do.

To love and to enjoy is a perspective that we should always have regardless of any circumstances. It's always the outlook that makes the difference. I've been to situations where everything in my life was in it's rightful place but since I was blinded with sadness, insecurity and disappointments, I failed to enjoy them.

Life is for dreaming and dreams are meant to be experienced in reality but it's love and joy that bridges the transition.

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