A Change In My Leadership Perspective

by - 12:07 AM

Every person has the desire to lead whether or not that desire is visible however, not everyone is given the opportunity to lead. In the world’s perspective, you can only be called a leader when you have a position and I used to believe it that way.

I never had a successful leadership experience when I was younger but I had tons of failed attempts to leadership. The first official school election I joined was when I was in grade school. I was in fifth grade to be exact and that was my first time to join the election campaign. My father helped me out with my campaign paraphernalia with all the colored prints that had my face and future position on it. I was prepared for the elections but I was not prepared to fail. When the results came, it was hard for me to accept that I did not make it. I threw my own pity party and started to wonder why they did not elect me. I became so insecure that I thought I would never be a leader at all.

My second failed attempt was when I was in high school. I ran as our year-level representative and still failed. By that time, I gave up on the thought that I will become a leader someday because unlike the others, I never had a position so I never even bothered making any difference or impact in my campus.

When I got into college, my perspective about leadership changed. I got connected with an organization that empowers students in the area of leadership, integrity, faith and excellence. These people taught me and showed to me the biblical perspective of leadership - that anyone can be a leader with or without a position because leadership is about serving others and not individual gain. This was a leadership example that Jesus exemplified. That’s when I started to serve at home through doing household chores. I also learned how to set a good example at school through excelling in my studies. After my classes, I would gather some of my classmates and students from other year levels and courses to share about God’s love for us and our purpose in life. On the course of leading small groups, I have learned to value people and their lives. I have seen that leadership is about serving them and meeting their needs - though not all but at least some. It’s setting a good example that they can follow. I didn’t have a position but I was a leader.

Years later, I was given the chance to run for the student government in the college of business administration and accountancy and I won the elections but the real success was not on the position but on the desire to serve the campus in that capacity. At present, I am working as a campus missionary for Every Nation Campus - the same organization that helped me changed my worldview on leadership. Our team is in partnership with different high school and universities teaching students that leadership is not about us - it’s about loving and serving others.

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