Antidote to a Complaining Heart

I have never thought that I was filled with complaint until my self-control was put to the test. Ever since I got back from the three months training that I had in Taguig, work loads and responsibilities kept on coming and I found myself leading more and more people and having more and more events at hand.

I remember one of the conversations that I had with a teammate while walking back to the office last week where I complained to him about my workloads, about the students that I am talking to and about our unstable finances. I said it in a form of a joke but deep inside my heart, I meant it. I was actually comparing myself with those who are working in other sectors of society who doesn't even have to worry about their monthly salary and they do not even have to care about the lives of those that they are working with and how easy it is for them to just do their own thing without being accountable to others.

But this is not who I am supposed to be. I am called to look out for others and to go the extra mile. It was recent that I realized that the only thing that kept me complaining is my ungrateful heart.

My ungratefulness hindered me from appreciating my life. It's like a blinding object that kept me from seeing things as they are. Right now, I am learning to be more grateful in life that I may see things differently. Gratefulness may teach me how to see deeper beauty about the things that I do for others and it may be a way for me to appreciate this privilege of having a life.

I am learning to be grateful in every circumstance especially on times when it is the hardest. Only then, I will have both joy and peace.

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