Travelog: Virtual Reality Games at Ilo-ilo

Ilo-ilo is a place for the food lovers. There are a lot of places where people can eat delicious food at homegrown restaurants and coffee shops. You can actually visit Plazuela, Smallville, Atria, and SouthPoint, SM if you want varieties for your food trips.

But, it's not what I want to share though. I've recently learned from my old high school buddy that Ilo-ilo had the virtual reality place at Plazuela. It's actually located at the 2nd floor of the said establishment. I tried this twice: the first was with my high school buddy and the second time was with my dad. 

For beginners, they give you a quick tutorial. It's quick because the instructions that they give are easy to understand and the crew are really welcoming and helpful. However, the tutorial takes a little bit of your paid time rental of the room.

The equipment are in good condition so far and using it is just so easy. I love it when I tried the Virtual Reality headset and the first thing that I saw were clouds on my feet and stars on top of my head and the sun on my one side. It was so real that I felt like I was outside of the Earth. It's hard to describe everything by words so I just hope you get to try it for yourself.

For the games, there were a lot of game activities. The first that I tried was raw data but it was heart racing because the enemy robots are so quick to move so I don't get to shoot them asap and I get to die. My friend tried the roller coaster and it just felt so real he was about to fall out of balance. We tried the brookhaven which is a zombie shooting game and it had become our favorite. Sometimes it's scary to see the zombie beside me and I don't have anymore bullets so I just throw the gun at them and die. It is an awesome experience and I would like to say that it is a must try for anyone who wants to visit ilo-ilo.

For more information (like prices and opening hours) - visit their website at

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