My Day-to-Day Survival Kit

Admit it or not - we all have this notion that we're busy. Either we're busy doing something or busy thinking that we're doing something when we're not. When I was in the University as a student, people tend to perceive me to be a very busy woman. I juggle with four positions everyday being the Vice President of the Business College, being a victory group leader and production team head, a businesswoman during break time and a student during class hours and this made me feel bad about myself that I am busy changing my own world without making an impact in other people's lives.

And, how many of us feel that way? We have so many tasks and responsibilities and perhaps let's say we enjoy it but we tend to lose what matters most in life - our relationships. The things I'm going to share are the most basic things that helped me appreciate the variety of my responsibilities without compromising my time with my family and friends.

The first one is the passion to love. I am now putting premium on my relationship with God, my family (both biological and spiritual) and friends (from elementary, high school and college and those that I meet along the way). Learning from the death of others, I have seen those who mourn said "if only's" - if only they said this or did that for the one that they love who's now in the casket. And I thought to myself that I do not want to live life with regret in terms of showing people that I love them and I care for them. No matter how great our position is in this society, when our loved ones die, our high and mighty position cannot bring them back alive. And even if they were unlovable, love them anyway for what credit is it for us if we only love those who love us back?

I have also learned to love what I am doing wherever I am placed or whenever I am displaced. I love my work not because it brings any emotional hype to me but because I know that the little things that I do can have a bigger impact to the world no matter how slow it might take. When I was in business, I loved every hard work that I put in because I am helping one family being fed by employing one person for my small hotdog kiosk. When I worked as a researcher, I placed all my effort in being excellent with my reports because I know it's helping the small to medium construction-related businesses in Australia. Now that I am a campus missionary, I know that my everyday stay at the campus cafeteria and the grassy field talking to students is not a waste of time because I am speaking LIFE and working with the future leaders of the nation. 

The second one is to have the values of acceptance and gratitude. I believe this is necessary in every single day that we get to live our lives. The fact that I am still awake and that I have the energy to do everything that I have to do is something that I should be thankful for. I have also learned to accept that there are certain plans and goals that I wouldn't be able to meet for the day, or week, or month or year but still it's not a reason for me not to end the day, the week, the month or the year with a grateful heart. I still do count my blessings no matter how small or big they were and whenever I am down, I tend to name those blessings one by one as I recount them.

And to finish it all up, the last item or items that we need is/are a planner, some cool colorful pens and sticky notes. I have made it a habit to write every thoughts and ideas and plans that I have into paper. If we don't write our plans, the dilemma is that they will become wishful thinking and when the day ends, we have accomplished nothing. I just don't write my day to day routines at  work but I also write into my planner the people that I am going to meet for the day. To include them in my plans means that I treasure and care for them. The colorful pens are just there to give some fun on my planner and the sticky-note's are helpful in reminding myself and other people about times and dates.

This Kit is fun to have and if you want, you can add more to it but don't forget the essentials - to love, to accept and to be thankful about life and others.

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