The Coffee Date Project

I actually do not know how to start but just writing this first sentence seems like it could make a good out-of-the-topic introduction for my planned project for the year 2017. The Coffee Date Project is not just the usual coffee date meetings and it surely is not a meeting or a talk for finding dates. That is not what I intended it to be.

The Coffee Date Project is a once a month meeting with the sole purpose of imparting to young women the essence of setting a good example to their families that their parents and relatives may also come to the knowledge of the grace and goodness of Jesus Christ. 

I have worked with students in the area of evangelism and discipleship for the past five years and I am amazed at their passion in sharing the gospel to their friends, classmates and even to strangers. However, almost everyone had a hard time reaching out to their families. One of the things that students would share is the difficulties that come from their parents' words which they thought is a persecution of their faith. They would hear:

"Bible, bible ka tapos ganyan ka?"
"Itigil mo na yang pagchurch mo kasi matigas parin ulo mo"; or
"Akala ko Christian ka? Ba't ganyan ang ugali mo?"

Thus, they find it hard to share the Gospel to their mom and dad. My desire is that these students would not just be good evangelists and disciples but also good daughters to their parents and responsible sisters to their siblings. I long to hear from their parents how God was magnified in their daughters life and how that made them experience the love and beauty of the Gospel.

And I am thankful that I am not alone in working this project out but I have an awesome mother who is willing to impart the heart of a parent to see these young women to be the representative of God's goodness to their families.

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  1. Wow! This is a great project. Gives me an idea of doing the same thing as well to the ladies that I get in touch with. It's very essential that as ambassadors of faith and the gospel, our lives should be testimonies as well. Great project Vyne! Can't wait to hear updates from your monthly coffee dates. :D

  2. Hi!.. I'm excited for this as well. I'll be putting some posts about the journey of this project :D