Quick Thoughts About Planning

by - 11:41 PM

Do you love planning? Do you like it when you're lost within your own imagination thinking about who you will be and what you will be doing months, years and decades from now? Well, you're just like me so welcome to the club! This page will be a quick note with what I have reflected upon planning. 

Planning is for everyone and can be done by everyone. However, not much people wants to plan because of fear -that fear to fail and fear to wait for the right time (some are just gifted with impatience)

So, this is what I have realized: that PLANNING IS AN ACT OF FAITH. It takes faith to believe in the plans that you have set for yourself and it takes faith to achieve them. Faith is being sure of what you hope for and being certain of what you do not see. You may not see it happen yet but have faith that you will get there and experience what you have once dreamed to experience. However, this is what you should not forget: DO NOT HAVE FAITH ON THE ACT ITSELF. You do not put your faith on how good you are with planning or how awesome your plan is. You have to put your faith on the right person and that is JESUS - the author and the perfecter of your faith.

So start planning for your future and add on some timelines but commit your plans to the Lord that they may succeed.  

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