A Letter To My Papa

Dear Papa,

I've heard your stories from when you were a young boy. You've always been so jolly and kind. You've always played the games that little tough boys play. You've always dreamed to be that strong superhero in that movie you've watched and that knight in shining armor of a damsel in distress in fairy tales. I've heard that deep in your heart is a brave young man who dreams to go on different life adventures to find that one lost golden key just like those old old stories of a pirate in the sea. 

Years passed and you were buried with all the cares of this world and so you gave up on your fun adventures. People mocked you and they cursed you. They tried to pull you down when you’re a step closer to the top. They always tell you that you’re not enough and that you’ll never be contented; that your life doesn't even amount to anything. Nobody saw that you were the one who tried very hard to take care of your family. Nobody knew that you were helping people by providing them jobs and a home. Nobody saw that you've been doing your best trying to think of how you can provide for your family for the next day. Nobody saw all the good things that you do because they all though that all you did was play.

“What happened?” I heard you asking. “What’s wrong with me?” I heard you cry.  You were asking yourself so many questions that you can’t even answer.  

Not so far away. I was listening – praying to God that He would give you the answers to our questions. That He would bring back your youthful glory. That you would no longer look at this world the way you look at it before – crushed and selfish. That He would turn your sorrows into joy and your weakness into strength. That your sleeplessness nights would turn into peace that lasts a lifetime. 

Even if you try to deny it to yourself but I tell you Papa - You are not defeated. You are strong. You have a purpose. You have a life. You have a meaning. You’re a child of God and for Him, You’ll always be that brave little superman - so don’t give up. There’s still a reason to live because you have a God-given purpose to fulfill.  


Your Daughter

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