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We exist in a world where everything is instant. You can easily see life streaming statuses, photos and videos fresh from a selfy of a person who just cut flesh and cried tears after a breakup. Honestly, instant relationships come with instant heartbreaks if both person are instantly foolish enough to enter it just because it feels right without the thought of getting serious by ending it in marriage. I wonder why my generation would prefer to get into relationships as early as grade school and act as if every guy or girl in the world would be magnetically pulled into a blackhole and be sent into another dimension where they’ll have green slimy creatures for a partner. Well, I just exaggerated it a little though.

If you’re a student and you’re in a relationship, this might bother you and I hope it might help in some way too. If you have been studying accounting you can relate with these entire debit and credit stuff where debit is for anything that you gain and credit is for anything that is taken from you. That’s the simplest way I can explain it.

So, if you’re a student with a partner and you want to go to a date, where do you usually get your money?

Debit     : Cash on Hand – from Mom and Dad (or Friends)
Credit    : Accounts Payable to Mom and Dad (or Friends)

I don’t need to expound that so just bust your brains in analyzing that simple equation. Take note that those accounts payable (or utang in Filipino) usually becomes a bad debt because they were never paid back.

Moving on, the money that you gained will be used to treat your partner. So our equation would go like this:

Debit     : Happy tummy and Happy girlfriend or boyfriend
Credit    : Cash on Hand – from Mom and Dad (or Friends)

It’s good if this goes on for forever but what if the tables had turned and some financial crisis hit your way and you were mentally ill too because of those grumpy professors and those heaven-or-hell-like examinations. I doubt that both your tummy and partner would be happy too when the frequency of your dates and sweet moments moves to a minimum. Then, there would be misunderstandings and there would be small dog and cat fights. The worst of it is when that partner, to whom you’d invested so much, found another person who can treat him or her to more dates than you do as if he’d be setting a Guiness World Record for the most frequent dates in a minute! Then you’d be disappointed thinking that the God is so unfair, then you’d cut your flesh, took a selfy of your crying self and tagged it to your partner with the status: “I’ve never been this hurt before. Huhuhu...” with a matching emoticon.

Sounds funny? But it’s happening to some right now and it’s not funny. We get into relationships because it’s what everyone does and so we forget about waiting. We forget that as men, we should respect the women to the point that we should even protect them from our lustful desires. As women, we should be reminded that we are worthy of respect and that we are worthy to be waited upon by the right man that God has destined for us.  Real responsibility doesn’t come when you show people that you can handle a relationship with a guy or girl at the student stage or level. Real responsibility comes when you honor your God and honor your parents by respecting them and focusing on your studies first even if nobody’s looking.

Just because it feels right doesn’t mean it is right. Many young lives have been broken by that statement and there are thousands who can testify. God has greater plans for you than for you to focus entirely on that area of your life. There’s a lot to focus on than that silly love life and boys and girls. Isn’t He the author of our love stories? Give him the pen and save yourself from brainstorming all the climax and those rise and fall of that love story. Too much thinking will give you a headache.

Being single doesn’t mean you’re missing out on anything. Actually, that’s the best part in life. It’s where you get to travel to places and seek adventures without thinking of any opinion from the opposition. No jealousy and hours of explaining to do just because you spent a minute with a friend on a cafe. No need to worry on where you’re going to get your money for another scheduled date so that the other party might not be disappointed. Being single is a season of being molded by God to be the right person with the right character and right intention for the right person that He has planned for you and me at the right time. I don’t wanna sound like a ‘Manang’ or be labelled as a ‘Naning’ because I’ve been one who thought I’ve fallen in love too and the urge to give in was so strong but it was a joy to me that I was able to win the battle of purity with God as my commander. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fair. If you truly like someone, protect him or her even from yourself and your own selfish and lustful desires. That’s why my heart goes out for the few who wait for that right time to get into a relationship- those few who take the road less travelled.

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